City of Columbia, Missouri  
Meeting Minutes  
Airport Advisory Board  
City Hall  
701 E. Broadway  
Conference Room  
Wednesday, May 24, 2023  
1:00 PM  
Columbia, MO 65201  
The meeting was called to order at 1:00 PM.  
7 -  
B.J. Hunter, Matthew Jenne, Gary Thompson, Thomas Richards, Randa Rawlins,  
Jon Poses and Raman Puri  
2 - Todd Culley and Britt Smith  
2 - Mike Parks and Shane Creech  
Board members, staff (Stacey Button, Lauren Weber, Shane Creech), and  
guest introductions.  
BJ Hunter made a motion to approve the agenda as submitted with a second by  
Randa Rawlins. Motion passed unanimously.  
AAB Meeting Minutes April 2023  
The April 26, 2023 meeting minutes were approved as submitted with a motion by  
Randa Rawlins and a second by BJ Hunter. The minutes were approved  
Mead and Hunt Presentation  
Mike introduced Jeff Hartz and Ron McNeill from Mead & Hunt, COU’s air  
consultant service, to discuss the passenger demand analysis. Ron  
explained that Mead & Hunt has worked with COU since 2006. Jeff  
explained that they buy data from Airline Reporting Corporation (ARC),  
such as the customer’s billing address, where they flew from, and what  
airline they flew through, and then combine this information with airline  
reported data from the US Department of Transportation (DOT). Jeff noted  
that the true market data is calculated for the year ended Sept 30, 2022,  
and that the data focuses on passengers who come from the primary  
catchment area, or the total number of travelers who theoretically should  
use COU based on drive time, a population of about 500,000. Jeff stated  
that this data shows that 159,000 total annual passengers (both  
enplanements and deplanements), domestically and internationally,  
originate from the catchment area. He said that the Columbia community  
generated 49% of total catchment area passengers, while Jefferson City  
generated 13%, and that Columbia, Jeff City, and Ashland had the highest  
COU retention. Ron explained that in 2017, passengers flying out of COU  
were typically very business-oriented, and that now most passengers are  
focused more on leisure. The representatives from Mead & Hunt went on to  
discuss data showing catchment areas for people flying in both  
domestically and internationally. Jeff explained that 48% of those  
passengers using alternate airports used Southwest Airlines, while  
American Airlines captured 23%, and Delta Air and United Airlines  
combined captured 20% (other airlines captured 9%). He displayed a  
graph which shows average domestic one-way fares for COU, MCI, and  
STL. The COU fare gap for the year ending in September of 2022 was $67  
for STL and $54 for MCI, and he stated that the fare gap is at or near the  
highest levels during the past 10 years. Matt Jenne asked if the fare gap  
graph compared lower cost airlines, or if it’s only comparing American  
Airlines to American Airlines and Jeff explained that it compares all  
airlines. Regarding industry trends, Ron explained that the pilot shortage  
continues, and although it is getting better but is still an issue, particularly  
impacting regional and small airlines and markets. Ron stated that airline  
costs have increased overall, primarily due to increased operational costs  
such as payroll, maintenance, and fuel. Ron said that fuel prices peaked in  
April 2022, although they are still higher than two years prior. Ron explained  
that travel demand has changed when it comes to travel for business  
versus for leisure, domestic travel versus international travel, and that  
working from home has impacted travel dynamics, as meetings can often  
be held virtually and no longer require airline travel.  
Report from Mike Parks  
Mike Parks presented his report to the Board. He stated:  
-Enplanements continue to be strong at over 8,000 for April.  
-Larger aircraft are being used more frequently at COU.  
-Tower operations, which is any aircraft that the traffic control center talks  
to, were approximately 23,000 in 2021, and that in 2023 they are on track  
to reach 30-35,000 operations.  
-Cook Concrete is working on the sidewalk from the gravel parking lot  
across the road to the front of the new terminal. They will also completed  
two overnight repair projects on the primary runway.  
-Currently negotiations are underway for the concessions contract. Mike will  
bring recommendations to the AAB within the next 30 days.  
-Mike reminded everyone that the next meeting’s time and location will  
change. All meetings going forward will be held at the Airport conference  
room at 3:00 PM.  
June 28, 2023  
The meeting adjourned at 2:27 PM with a motion by Matt Jenne and a  
second by Randa Rawlins. Motion passed unanimously.  
Members of the public may attend any open meeting. For requests for accommodations related to  
disability, please call 573-874-CITY (573-874-2489) or email In order to assist staff in  
making the appropriate arrangements for your accommodation, please make your request as far in  
advance of the posted meeting date as possible.