City of Columbia, Missouri  
Meeting Minutes  
Planning and Zoning Commission  
Conference Rooms  
Thursday, March 10, 2022  
5:30 PM  
Work Session  
Columbia City Hall  
701 E. Broadway  
8 -  
Tootie Burns, Sara Loe, Joy Rushing, Anthony Stanton, Michael MacMann, Sharon  
Geuea Jones, Robbin Kimbell and Peggy Placier  
1 - Valerie Carroll  
Meeting agenda adopted unanimously.  
Move to adopt agenda as presented  
February 24, 2022 Work Session  
February 24, 2022 work session minutes adopted as presented.  
Move to approve February 24 minutes as presented  
A. UDC Text Changes - Phase 4  
Mr. Smith introduced the topic and explained the purpose of the discussion tonight  
was “restart” and “reacquaint” the Commission with text amendment topics that  
were put on hold at the end of last year when the Commission was asked to focus  
on parking for auto repair and gas stations. He noted that given that issue was  
addressed the Commission could re-engage in several of the other topics  
previously presented. Mr. Smith noted that there were several topics that staff  
considered “ripe” for consideration given recent Commission discussions and  
referenced the work session memo that was prepared as a starting point.  
He began his presentation by introducing the topic of “Drive-thru Window”  
placement. He noted that given several recent cases and the alternative ways the  
Commission had addressed how to handle the requirements staff felt this was a  
very timely topic to consider. He gave an overview of the standards from the UDC  
and staff’s interpretation of what the code was trying to achieve. He noted that site  
characteristics and the drive-thru restaurant’s typical layout often complicated  
matters when trying to achieve compliance. He showed several local examples of  
non-compliant and compliant drive-thru window placements and noted he had  
done some preliminary research.  
There was general Commission discussion on the subject and several questions  
were asked. There was general agreement that the placement of a drive-thru  
window did need to consider what the adjoining land use was (i.e. prohibiting such  
next to residential uses or zoning). There was also discussion regarding the  
development of a potential set of defined criteria that was not subjective that  
would better establish what the community objective of the screening  
requirement was and when a design exception (PD projects) or a zoning variance  
(straight zoned projects) would be required.  
Given the discussion on this topic was wide ranging, Mr. Smith asked for  
clarification on what the Commission would desire the staff to further investigate  
and come back to them with in the way of a proposed text amendment. He asked  
for votes on three “themes” that appeared to be common throughout the discuss  
which included flexibility in window location, regulation specific to the location of  
a window when adjoining residential property, and regulations that addressed site  
layout issues such as stacking lanes that may block drive aisles. The Commission  
made motions to approve that staff perform the necessary research on these  
themes and come back at a later meeting with proposed text amendments.  
Mr. Smith noted that there were other topics contained within the work session  
memo that he desired to cover; however, given the time constraints and the other  
agenda items he would yield the remaining work session time to the next topic. He  
thanked the Commissioners for their contributions.  
B. Comp. Plan Public Outreach - Research & Recommendations  
Mr. Zenner and Mr. Cantin provided an overview of the topic and noted that  
following the December 9, 2021 work session meeting there was additional internal  
discussion regarding the engagement processes used by peer communities to  
which the City of Columbia’s upcoming plan should attempt to utilize. Mr. Zenner  
noted that many of the processes previously identified as worthy of emulation  
were undertaken prior to the COVID 19 pandemic occurring. As such, he asked Mr.  
Cantin to perform additional research to determine if any planning activities similar  
to that the City was preparing to engage in occurred. The outcome of that  
additional research did not yield any significant findings.  
As a result of these limited findings, it will be imperative that the chosen  
consultant to assist in the engagement phase of the upcoming Plan update have  
extensive experience in hybrid meeting formats. Mr. Cantin further reiterated the  
importance of the concept of “Plan Ambassadors” as the bedrock of the updating  
process for keeping the community engaged.  
Mr. Zenner further added that the Health Department had recently presented a  
public engagement process to the City Council showing an estimated budget of  
over $200, 000 that would be managed by two full-time employees whose sole job  
would be to manage engagement. He noted that engagement strategies would  
likely be underway prior to the beginning of the Comp. Plan update and the success  
of the proposed approach could be used as a model as well as a budget  
measurement tool. He noted the 2013 Comp. Plan was completed with a budget of  
only $130,000 which likely was not sufficient to meet current community  
engagement expectations.  
Mr. Zenner noted that the update being provided at this evening’s meeting was to  
inform the Commission of staff’s additional research efforts since December. He  
noted that to ensure the appropriate steps were taken to have resources allocated  
for the FY 2023 budget staff would need to be identify a general cost for services  
and then be prepared to present those costs to the City Manager during budget  
discussion in July. Mr. Zenner noted that an RFP for consultant services would  
likely be issued in late 2022 with an anticipated engagement start date of January  
There was general Commission discussion relating to the topic. Commissioner  
expressed a desire that local firms be included in potential RFP applications and  
that any chosen consultant provide project management as well as technical  
expertise in facilitating completion of the Plan update. Concern was expressed  
that without the consultant taking an active role in the process the staff and the  
“Plan Ambassadors” may not be capable of yielding the intended results. The  
Commissioners acknowledged the timeline and budget to effectively perform the  
update process.  
VI. NEXT MEETING DATE - March 24, 2022 @ 5:30 pm (tentative)  
Meeting adjourned approximately 7:00 pm  
Move to adjourn