City of Columbia, Missouri  
Meeting Minutes  
Planning and Zoning Commission  
Conference Rooms  
Thursday, June 9, 2022  
5:30 PM  
Work Session  
Columbia City Hall  
701 E. Broadway  
9 -  
Tootie Burns, Sara Loe, Anthony Stanton, Michael MacMann, Valerie Carroll,  
Sharon Geuea Jones, Robbin Kimbell, Peggy Placier and Shannon Wilson  
Meeting agenda adopted unanimously.  
Approve agenda as submitted.  
May 19, 2022 Work Session  
May 19, 2022 work session minutes adopted as presented.  
Approve May 19 minutes as submitted  
A. Short-term Rental Snapshot Update  
Mrs. Smith presented an updated report on data regarding local Short-term Rental  
(STR) trends since last fall. She noted that the listings have remained stable with  
the STR distribution among wards and zoning districts not changed significantly.  
One significant trend had been the operational growth of new operators listing  
‘entire home’ rentals while the number of ‘private room’ listings has remained  
stable. Many of the current operators were ones that had been operating for a  
while. There were notable seasonable trends. Other data points were discussed.  
See attached staff report and PowerPoint slides for references.  
Following her presentation, the Commissioners asked Mrs. Smith about the  
number of listings in each zoning district, the number of individual owners, and  
additional trends. She noted that many listings no longer show photos on the front  
of the house. Commissioners discussed super hosts and the concept of an entity  
buying up homes and listing them as STRs as a business model. Mr. Zenner stated  
that going down the path of limiting an individual’s ability to invest in the  
community may have challenges when going before the Council for approval.  
The Commission inquired about the draft ordinance including a list of use-specific  
standards that they had previously voted on. Mr. Zenner indicated that this draft is  
being compiled as time allows but would still be incomplete as some items have  
yet to be addressed. He informed the Commission that STRs would appear on the  
agenda again in July and a draft could be provided within that timeline. The  
Commission stated that they preferred concurrent work sessions on this topic as  
they had seen concurrent work sessions result in more progress and productive  
discussion. Chairperson Loe stated that the Commission should provide more  
direction for Mr. Zenner so that a draft ordinance could be produced. Mr. Zenner  
provided information on the draft as developed so far by bringing it up on the  
screen for Commissioner review.  
Commissioners began discussing how to move forward. Commissioner Stanton  
suggested revisiting the old draft ordinance that Council had denied. The intent  
would be to revise that document to include new information discussed at the  
Commission level for the new Council to consider. Commissioner Stanton noted  
that the current process was taking significant time to complete and is akin to  
reinventing the wheel. Other Commissioners noted that while this process is taking  
a long time, it would result in a new draft ordinance which is what Council is  
expecting and requested. There may be elements of the previous drafts that may  
be useful moving forward, such as use-specific standards or definitions, but there  
were new commissioners with additional input and the conversation had evolved  
in many areas. Some commissioners cited parts of the old ordinances and noted  
how some portions took a significantly different approach to regulation. Mr. Zenner  
said he would prepare a draft ordinance for the Commissioners in July. He noted  
that Commissioners should send him their top priority standards or regulations for  
inclusion in the draft so that he may continue drafting the use-specific standards.  
VI. NEXT MEETING DATE - June 23, 2022 @ 5:30 pm (tentative)  
Meeting adjourned approximately 6:58 pm  
Move to adjourn