City of Columbia, Missouri  
Meeting Minutes  
Planning and Zoning Commission  
Conference Rooms  
Thursday, July 7, 2022  
5:30 PM  
Work Session  
Columbia City Hall  
701 E. Broadway  
7 -  
Tootie Burns, Anthony Stanton, Michael MacMann, Valerie Carroll, Sharon Geuea  
Jones, Peggy Placier and Shannon Wilson  
2 - Sara Loe and Robbin Kimbell  
Meeting agenda adopted unanimously.  
Approve as presented  
June 23, 2022 Work Session  
June 23, 2022 work session minutes adopted as presented.  
Approve as presented  
A. UDC Text Amendment Project - Phase 4, Work Session #3  
Mr. Smith recapped the discussion of drive-through standards from the previous  
work session. He noted the proposed regulations (attached) for orientation of  
service windows. These regulations included a variety of options that would give  
developers flexibility in design. Such options included porte-cochères, landscaping,  
and grade changes. The Commission mentioned consideration of safety issues  
when reviewing drive-thru’s as part of site layouts.  
The proposed text amendment would allow for a traffic study to be required for  
any drive-thru facility located within 300 feet of an intersection. The Commission  
inquired as to what factors would trigger a study. Mr. Smith replied that a  
determination a traffic study to be required would be made by planning and  
engineering staff based on site context, trip generation, and engineering factors.  
Staff and the Commission discussed internal vs external traffic circulation as to  
whether that would be an evaluation factor for drive-thru facilities.  
The Commission agreed that they would prefer to see a proposed regulation that  
required traffic studies for drive-thru’s for all conditional use permits as opposed to  
a case-by-case basis. Staff mentioned that trip generation factors, derived from the  
ITE Manual, are one of the principal factors in determining if a traffic study is  
necessary, per Public Works. The Commission and staff discussed how trip  
generation factors are used and what they are based off of. Commissioners  
discussed parsing out individual types of drive-through restaurants. Mr. Zenner  
responded that restaurant developers know what to expect for trip generation for  
each of their restaurants. When provided, this information is used in conjunction  
with the more generic ITE Manual trip factors.  
VI. NEXT MEETING DATE - July 21, 2022 @ 5:30 pm (tentative)  
Meeting adjourned approximately 6:59 pm  
Motion to adjourn