City of Columbia, Missouri  
Meeting Minutes  
Planning and Zoning Commission  
Conference Rooms  
Thursday, August 18, 2022  
5:30 PM  
Work Session  
Columbia City Hall  
701 E. Broadway  
8 -  
Tootie Burns, Anthony Stanton, Michael MacMann, Valerie Carroll, Sharon Geuea  
Jones, Robbin Kimbell, Peggy Placier and Shannon Wilson  
1 - Sara Loe  
Meeting agenda adopted unanimously.  
Approve agenda as presented  
August 4, 2022 Work Session  
August 4, 2022 work session minutes adopted as presented.  
Approved minutes as presented  
A. Sidewalk Master Plan (SMP) - Follow up Discussion  
Mr. Skov responded to ten questions prepared by the Commissioner Carroll. The  
Commission asked what input the Public Transit Advisory Commission (PTAC) and  
Disabilities Commission had regarding the Sidewalk Master Plan (SMP). He stated  
that he had met with the Disabilities Commission and that the PTAC recommended  
specific support for some projects that facilitated safe routes to bus stops.  
Commissioners also asked if the involvement of a CID would accelerate projects or  
score more points on the SMP to which Mr. Skov indicated that they may in terms of  
funding for cost-shares but it didn’t necessarily mean a project scored higher.  
The Commission discussed adding an additional sidewalk project to the master plan  
specifically for Worley Street, between Clinkscales Road and Banks Avenue.  
Commissioners and staff discussed the process for adding this project to the list  
with Commissioners advocating for more input. Mr. Zenner suggested sending the  
list back to the Bicycle and Pedestrian Commission (BPC) with the prompt to review  
the proposed project and ultimately leave it up to the BPC to decide on the  
project’s inclusion on the list before bringing it forward to the Planning  
Commission for a public hearing. The Commission agreed with this procedure and  
unanimously agreed to forward this recommendation back to the BPC.  
B. UDC Text Amendments (Phase 4) - Final Draft Text Changes  
Mr. Smith provided an overview of the proposed text changes, specifically dealing  
with drive-thru businesses and utility easements within the M-DT zoning district.  
He noted that the changes incorporated ideas provided by the Commission at the  
July 21 meeting as well as revisions and suggestions following conversation with  
the City Traffic Engineer.  
Commissioner Stanton made a motion that the revisions prepared by the staff  
relating to drive-thru businesses, as distributed with the work session packet, be  
approved. Commissioner MacMann seconded the motion and it was unanimously  
approved by the Commission.  
Mr. Smith continued to overview the proposed changes to the requirement for  
platting utility easements in the M-DT district with replats. The Commission sought  
a clarification on under what condition such easements would be platted. Mr.  
Smith confirmed it would be at the discretion of the Utility Director. Following  
limited additional discussion, Commissioner Stanton moved to approve the text  
change, as presented in the work session packet. Commissioner MacMann  
seconded the motion and it was unanimously approved by the Commission.  
Mr. Zenner noted that the approved text changes would be distributed to the  
design professionals for review prior to the formal scheduling of a public hearing  
on the matters. The public hearing was tentatively set for the September 22  
Planning Commission meeting. He also noted several other text changes would be  
packaged together with the items discussed this evening. These additional items  
were general less complex and intended to address “technical” adjustments to the  
UDC such as correctly identifying cross-references within the body of the UDC text,  
grammatical corrections to definitions, and the elimination of the C-2 district  
standards given no C-2 zoning remained on the City’s zoning maps.  
Mr. Zenner also provided an overview of upcoming zoning topics that the  
Commission could anticipate on reviewing. He noted that the next work session  
would involve discussion of the STR draft regulations distributed with the August 4  
work session agenda and those topics noted as “TBD”. He stated that there would  
be several items within the draft standards that would need discussion, but for the  
most part a voting “up or down” process similar to that used this evening could be  
employed. Mr. Zenner noted that once the details of the regulations were agreed  
upon, staff and the Commission would need to develop the transmission memo to  
Mr. Zenner further provided an overview of several other topics that would be  
considered such as amendments to the tree preservation and  
landscaping/screening requirements, location of parking in yard areas as well as  
other clarifications to certain practices and procedures that have been found  
cumbersome. It was discussed that a more methodical approach may be necessary  
to address UDC changes such as “article by article” or “thematic” to ensure that staff  
and Commission efforts in discussing future amendments were being maximized.  
VI. NEXT MEETING DATE - September 8, 2022 @ 5:30 pm (tentative)  
Meeting adjourned at approximately 6:50 pm  
Moved to adjourn