City of Columbia, Missouri  
Meeting Minutes  
Planning and Zoning Commission  
Columbia CIty Hall  
Council Chambers  
701 E. Broadway  
Thursday, August 18, 2022  
7:00 PM  
Regular Meeting  
MS. GEUEA JONES: Apologies. This meeting of the August 18th Planning and  
Zoning Commission will come to order.  
MS. GEUEA JONES: Oh, yeah. As our Secretary has reminded me, we need to  
take attendance. Commissioner Carroll, may we have attendance.  
MS. CARROLL: Commissioner Wilson?  
MS. WILSON: Present.  
MS. CARROLL: Commissioner Loe? Commissioner Stanton?  
MR. STANTON: Here.  
MS. CARROLL: Commissioner Burns?  
MS. BURNS: Here.  
MS. CARROLL: Commissioner MacMann?  
MR. MACMANN: Present.  
MS. CARROLL: I am here. Commissioner Geuea Jones?  
MS. JONES: Here.  
MS. CARROLL: Commissioner Placier?  
MS. PLACIER: Here.  
MS. CARROLL: Commissioner Kimbell?  
MS. KIMBELL: Here.  
MS. CARROLL: We have eight; we have a quorum.  
MS. GEUEA JONES: Thank you very much. Thank you, Mr. Zenner. Tonight I will  
be impersonating Commissioner Loe.  
MS. GEUEA JONES: All right. If staff is ready, we'll have our first case.  
MR. ZENNER: Would you like to read the title?  
MS. GEUEA JONES: Under subdivisions? I was waiting -- I guess I can read it off  
the agenda.  
8 -  
Tootie Burns, Anthony Stanton, Michael MacMann, Valerie Carroll, Sharon Geuea  
Jones, Robbin Kimbell, Peggy Placier and Shannon Wilson  
1 - Sara Loe  
MS. GEUEA JONES: Planner Zenner, do we have any changes to our agenda?  
MR. ZENNER: No, we do not, ma'am.  
MS. GEUEA JONES: I'd take a motion.  
MR. MACMANN: Move to approve.  
MR. STANTON: Second.  
MS. GEUEA JONES: Moved by Commissioner MacMann, seconded by  
Commissioner Stanton. Do I see a thumbs up approval on the agenda?  
(Unanimous vote for approval.)  
MS. GEUEA JONES: Very good.  
Move to approve  
August 4, 2022 Regular Meeting  
MS. GEUEA JONES: We have all received copies of the minutes from our last  
meeting. Do I have a motion to approve said minutes?  
MR. MACMANN: Move to approve.  
MR. STANTON: Second.  
MS. GEUEA JONES: Moved by Commissioner MacMann, seconded by  
Commissioner Stanton. Thumbs up approval on the minutes.  
(Seven approve; one abstention.)  
Move to approve  
Case # 196-2022  
A request by Crockett Engineering Consultants (agent), on behalf of The  
Brooks at Columbia, LLC (owner), for approval of a preliminary plat with  
366 lots on R-1 (One-family Dwelling) zoned property that includes the  
extension of two major roadways through the site. The approximately  
166.16-acre property is located northwest of the intersection of Richland  
Road and Olivet Road, approximately 1 mile east of the Richland Road and  
Rolling Hills Road/Grace Lane intersection, and includes the addresses  
7095 and 7101 E Richland Rd.  
MS. GEUEA JONES: May we have a staff report?  
Staff report was given by Mr. Clint Smith of the Planning and Development  
Department. Staff recommends approval of the preliminary plat for Silver Lakes, pending  
minor technical corrections.  
MS. GEUEA JONES: Thank you very much. Before we go to questions for staff, do  
any of my fellow Commissioners have any ex parte conversations to disclose so that we  
may all benefit from the same information? Seeing none. Any questions for staff?  
Commissioner MacMann?  
MR. MACMANN: Thank you. Planner Smith, the fire department is okay with all  
these cul-de-sacs? No concerns, problems?  
MR. SMITH: No. The design of cul-de-sacs were reviewed, so they were found to be  
-- met the standard for the international fire code.  
MR. MACMANN: Okay. Real quick question. Where these step-outs hit  
particularly the north and the east, will there be a turnarounds in those locations or how  
are we going to handle that regulatorily?  
MR. SMITH: To the -- most of the stubs will have temporary turnarounds, so  
anywhere the street segment exceeds 150 feet, we're going to have a required temporary  
turnaround. So if it's shorter than that, it's not necessarily required, given the short  
distance. So we'll have a temporary turnaround where Olivet is going to stub to the north.  
Also Cherry Creek to the north.  
MR. MACMANN: I was asking specifically about the one to the east. It didn't appear  
to have one, and it -- I'm sure -- it appears to fall below the 150-foot threshold.  
MR. SMITH: So to the east won't be a stub. To the east will connect with Olivet,  
which is the north-south arterial.  
MR. MACMANN: To the west. I misspoke. I misspoke.  
MR. SMITH: To the west. And so, yes. You're correct. That -- that is less than 150  
MR. MACMANN: If the fire department and the trash people are happy, I'm happy.  
MS. GEUEA JONES: Anyone else? Commissioner Placier?  
MS. PLACIER: Were -- was any thought given to a left-turn lane at that short street,  
whose name we do not see, between the two major ones? As the only entrance off  
Richland would be that first left-turn lane, and then going all the way to Olivet, and this  
one would be sort of a half-way spot?  
MR. SMITH: Right. And unfortunately, I can't speak to the specifics of how they  
came to that conclusion. I did have a conversation with our traffic engineer who did review  
the turn lanes, and we actually had that conversation. And he had made the comment  
that, you know, based on their findings, the -- it wouldn't warrant a left-turn lane for that  
middle one. I do know -- I think we'll have the applicant may have some more expertise in  
explaining how they got to that conclusion in the traffic study, but I can make note of that  
and just confirm that with our traffic engineer, though.  
MS. GEUEA JONES: Any other questions for staff? Seeing none, we'll open the  
floor to public comment.  
MS. GEUEA JONES: If you're speaking for a group, you have six minutes. If you  
are an individual, you have three. And please stage your name and address for the  
record, and as close to the mic as you can get. It's not like you haven't done this before.  
MR. CROCKETT: Members of the Commission, Tim Crockett, Crockett Engineering,  
offices at 1000 West Nifong. With me tonight is Quinn Bellmer, who is the applicant for  
this project here tonight. A quick little review. As always, Mr. Smith did a very -- very  
thorough job in his staff report, but I'll cover a few items anyway. So, again, 166 acres of  
currently annexed and zoned property. Typically, we don't get pieces of property like this  
that are already annexed and already zoned, so before you tonight is just the preliminary  
plat. Annexation and zoning has already been decided in 2004. And again, we're not  
asking for any design adjustments with this preliminary plat. This is a little bit further out  
location map. You can see that this area has significant development in and around this  
location, so we're certainly not pushing outside of the limits. We’ve seen that before.  
CATSO, this project, when we started, it had some major roads going through the  
property, and we went -- we talked with CATSO. We actually flip-flopped Olivet and  
Cherry Creek. We kind of -- one was an arterial that was on the west side, and then  
Olivet that went up was proposed to be the major collector, but it was proposed to go over  
I-70 and tie back into Battle Avenue, which was the arterial. It didn't really seem like a  
whole lot of sense to us that we had a gap there of major arterial with a major collector.  
So we took that to CATSO. We said we need to flip these. They agreed with us, and so  
this is the plan that you have before us tonight. And we actually went through the  
CATSO process all the way through to have them revise the map accordingly. And so  
with that is, obviously, Richland Road. We're going to be granting 55 for the half  
right-of-way, we're going to grade the shoulders for the future construction. Olivet is a  
major arterial, 110 foot of full right-of-way. Typically, an arterial goes down the property  
line, and you can kind of see Olivet, as Mr. Smith indicated, it's on the east side of our  
property. So if you extend Olivet straight north, it goes straight through a lot of homes  
that are in the Sunrise Estate Subdivision. Obviously, that's not going to take place,  
hence the reason why my client is -- is being asked to dedicate all of the right-of-way,  
which is a 110-foot build portion of it, and then also do the realignment to the south. One  
thing that I think Mr. Smith didn't talk about, as well, is there's additional right-of-way  
being granted at that intersection for a future roundabout at some point in the future. So  
we've laid that out, we've showed what right-of-way would be needed, and we're going to  
dedicate that, as well. I call it Kinderlou Drive. There is some -- some issues with Joint  
Communications with regards to street names. Kinderlou, in this case, is the same as  
Cherry Creek. Cherry Creek, they approved it and then they came back at a later date  
and said it wasn't acceptable, so it will be Kinderlou, which is a major collector. And  
then, of course, the Richland Road and Grace Lane. Developments in this location and in  
this area are doing payment in lieu. We're -- we've agreed to that. I believe that's being  
generated based on the cost -- the projected cost of that roundabout, and then your  
percentage of trips that you're going to assign to that roundabout. And so it's a very fair  
and equitable way for all the developers out there to be charged that portion, so my client  
has agreed to that, as well. Connectivity, again, it provides additional access, you know,  
to Sunrise Estates to the west. There are two locations there. To the north is the  
Highfield Acres, and that was -- that has been a point of concern, a point of discussion  
with us. The County is asking us to go offsite to build that connection. That has not  
been a connection for decades. There's a fence that's over the right-of-way. We have to  
redo some driveways, we have to redo some intersections. It's a rather intense  
connection. We don't really believe that we want to put the traffic up there onto the  
unimproved county road. The County agrees with that. They want us to make the  
connection and then gate it. Really, that's not at the purview of the City, but if the County  
is going to require it to be gated, they're going to gate it. So we're going to have  
discussions with -- with them on that. Regardless, you know, we will -- we will work with  
the City, work with the County to come up with what is needed. If we need to build it and  
leave it open, we will. If they want us to build it and gate it, we will, if we can just make  
the connection to the property line we build. So that's -- that's all play for the County and  
whatever they determine we need to do there. And, again, the Olivet Road to the  
north-south alignment is a -- is a -- somewhat of a large undertaking to make that -- that  
cross intersection on our southeast corner. And then, of course, as Mr. Smith indicated,  
Parks and Rec does have a trail master plan that runs through here. And so that will also  
provide for pedestrian conductivity in the future. We are inside the urban service area.  
Our sanitary sewer is served by a 12-inch sanitary sewer for the City of Columbia that  
runs right through the property. The City has sewer going through the -- through the site  
already. We don't have to go get that. And, of course, we're served by Water District 9  
and Boone Electric. Stormwater, pretty standard stuff here. We're going to utilize the  
two ponds there for a lot of stormwater. We've looked at this originally about taking out  
the ponds, increasing density, but when we looked at those and went out there and  
walked them, and those ponds are some really nice ponds. They're going to provide  
some really nice benefit to this neighborhood and this development, so we're really  
excited about that. So, again, the property was annexed in 2004, zoned in 2004. We  
desire to develop it under that R-1 zoning, under the existing zoning. Columbia Imagine  
calls it as neighborhood, denotes it as a neighborhood designation, and it comes to you  
with staff support. So with that, I'm happy to answer any questions that the Commission  
may have.  
MS. GEUEA JONES: Are there any questions for this witness? Mr. --  
Commissioner MacMann?  
MR. MACMANN: Thank you. Just real quick. Thank you both for keeping those  
ponds. I think that was a wise decision.  
MR. CROCKETT: Yeah. Yeah. Thank you.  
MS. GEUEA JONES: Anyone else? Thank you very much.  
MR. CROCKETT; Thank you.  
MS. GEUEA JONES: Is there anyone else who wishes to speak on this case?  
Come forward, state your name and address, and get as close to that microphone as you  
feel comfortable.  
MS. ROSA: My name is Sharon Rosa, and I live on Highfield. I live in the --  
MS. GEUEA JONES: Yeah. If you pull it down towards you. Sorry.  
MS. ROSA: My name is Sharon Rosa, and I live in Highfield Acres. And we don't  
really want the outlet to be on Easter Lane. It's a very narrow lane. It's a very difficult  
driveway to get into because there's a hill there. People are close to being hit there all  
the time as it is now. So it's -- it would have to be a lot -- lot of construction. So we’d  
like -- I know that Boone County is for that, but if you can sway them, it would be better.  
I was wanting to know on the north side, if I could see the north side of the plat with all  
the -- and where the --  
MR. MACMANN: With the arrows, ma'am?  
MS. ROSA: Yes. Okay.  
MR. MACMANN: Is that what you mean?  
MS. ROSA: And where the trail will be. Oh, okay. That's going to be on this  
north side over here, the north side -- northwest side? Is that where the --  
MS. GEUEA JONES: It -- it will follow the creek.  
MS. ROSA: It'll follow the creek. Okay. All right. I knew this was zoned for trees,  
saving the trees. So I didn't know -- I have a lot of trees back behind my property, and I  
don't know how much of that will be done away with, but I do know it's zoned for the  
trees, and I know all of us would like that because that's why we're there is because of  
the trees and the pristine atmosphere there.  
MS. GEUEA JONES: They are not asking for an exception to the tree preservation  
rules in our current ordinances, and staff didn't remind us of those percentages, but they  
aren't asking for any of those exceptions, so they'll be preserving what we require.  
MS. ROSA: Okay.  
MS. GEUEA JONES: Sorry. Are you -- anything else, or -  
MS. ROSA: And then there was -- I was checking -- well, I know this will be zoned  
for the City, but we wanted to be in the country there, and then Boone County. Will that  
change at any point, existing --  
MS. GEUEA JONES: This is already in the City.  
MR. ZENNER: So the zoning action --  
MS. ROSA: No, I know. But for Highfield Acres?  
MR. SMITH: No, there's --  
MS. GEUEA JONES: Oh. Nothing will happen to you.  
MS. ROSA: Okay. That's all I wanted to know.  
MS. GEUEA JONES: Wait just one minute, please. Commissioner Carroll, did you  
have something?  
MS. CARROLL: I did have a question. Thanks. Thanks for speaking for us tonight.  
I was wondering if you could -- is your property abutting this?  
MS. ROSA: Yes.  
MS. CARROLL: You were worried about the trees. I was wondering if you might be  
able to point out the general location, if you're comfortable with that?  
MS. ROSA: I'm the -- I'm the last house on South Field Drive that has -- it'll be  
abutting the -- it'll be north, north of that.  
MS. GEUEA JONES: If you see -- oh, wait.  
MS. ROSA: I'm right in there, right where you said.  
MS. GEUEA JONES: Yes. So --  
MR. ZENNER: So this lot right here, ma'am? You're -  
MS. ROSA: Pardon me.  
MR. ZENNER: So this is the extension. This is Easter Lane extension. This is  
South -- this is South Field Drive here?  
MS. ROSA: Yes. Yes.  
MR. ZENNER: And are you this lot right here?  
MS. ROSA: Yes. Well, maybe it's a lot over. I'm not -- Mr. Voney owns -- I'm right  
MR. ZENNER: You're down here on this end of the street, though?  
MS. ROSA: Yes.  
MR. SMITH: So, yeah. So you'll back up to property that will be placed into a  
common lot, so there actually won't be development on that. And I think that is where a  
majority or a high amount of the trees that would be preserved on the site will be located.  
MS. ROSA: Okay. I think that's my concern. The people on that street want to  
have their -- their trees.  
MS. GEUEA JONES: Commissioner Carroll, did you have anything else?  
MS. CARROLL: No. I'm glad we were able to identify that. I hope that helps you.  
MS. GEUEA JONES: One moment, please, ma'am. Commissioner MacMann?  
MR. MACMANN: A suggestion. It would seem that your developer, and from what I  
can tell from the staff's response, agree with you that Easter probably shouldn't go  
through right now. And looking at my fellow Commissioners, I think they kind of think  
that, too.  
MS. ROSA: Okay. It's just --  
MR. MACMANN: We have no influence with the county.  
MS. ROSA: I know, but maybe we do.  
MR. MACMANN: Yeah. Well, their -- you're more direct, you know, they directly  
represent you. I appreciate their views, I guess.  
MS. ROSA: Well, it's -- it's just a hill and then we turn in. And --  
MR. MACMANN: It looks like it's problematic, expensive, and probably  
counterproductive at this juncture. I would suggest you continually push those -- who is  
the -- do we know who -- who is your County Commissioner?  
MS. ROSA: I don't know his name.  
MR. MACMANN: Justin or Janet.  
MS. ROSA: Oh, yes. Justin.  
MR. MACMANN: Justin. Okay. I suggest you take this up with Justin.  
MS. ROSA: Okay. I will.  
MR. MACMANN: And continue to express your views.  
MS. GEUEA JONES: Anyone else? Thank you. Any other public, please come  
forward. Name and address and pull that microphone up so it's pointed right at you.  
Thank you.  
MS. NAIL: Hello, everyone. I'm Shelly Nail, and I live at 151 North Sunglow Court. I  
am the most southwest property that abuts this property. So I may be eventually looking  
at a roundabout at Richland and Olivet. So I'm also concerned about the trees. We have  
a whole tree line there on the east side of this property, west side of Sunrise Estates,  
and they provide lots of privacy and habitat for wildlife. I listen to the crows and hawks  
every day in the fields here, so I'm going to miss them. But I was wondering how wide is  
the space between Olivet and the property line. I wasn't quite clear on what that is?  
MR. SMITH: So the far eastern property line, as it stands right now, will become part  
of the Olivet right-of-way.  
MS. NAIL: Okay.  
MR. SMITH: So the then Olivet right-of-way would extend 110 feet west of that.  
MS. NAIL: Yes. Okay.  
MR. SMITH: And then that's when the residential subdivision portion would occur.  
MS. NAIL: So between the -- the east side of Olivet Road and the property line?  
MR. SMITH: Yes. So --  
MS. NAIL: I don't know how wide the road is, I guess.  
MR. SMITH: Right. So it's basically -- you know, it doesn't exist now.  
MS. NAIL: Right.  
MR. SMITH: So when they come to plat it, they're going to dedicate 110 feet along  
the east side of this property. So where their property line now is is going to move 110  
feet west and that portion becomes public right-of-way.  
MS. NAIL: Okay.  
MR. SMITH: And that's where the street will be constructed.  
MR. ZENNER: The street, at this point, is only being constructed in half its ultimate  
pavement surface. So if you recall -- if you recall the improvement for Rolling Hills on the  
west side of Old Hawthorne at the intersection with Route WW, that was a half  
right-of-way width initially, and then the remaining portion -- or it is a half right-of-way  
width as it exists today. There is still another half of that roadway to be built.  
MS. NAIL: Oh, okay.  
MR. ZENNER: So you're looking at -- and Mr. Crockett may be able to just mouth to  
me the size of the pavement section initially with this. I'm not sure that it's --  
MR. CROCKETT: Twenty-eight feet.  
MR. ZENNER: -- 28 feet, so it's a standard residential street section that's being  
built, and then, conceivably, the additional 28 feet for two more lanes would be  
constructed to the -- to the east towards Sunrise Estates. But there is going to be a  
shoulder area between, basically, the back of the eastern set of lanes that would be built  
at a future date and the right-of-way or your property line -- your rear property line, the  
east-west property line of your home. That buffer area, due to our requirements in the  
City for street tree placement, there would be street trees planted in that, along with the  
sidewalk improvements or since there will be a pedway on the west side of the Olivet  
extension, there would be a standard sidewalk on the east side.  
MS. NAIL: Okay.  
MR. ZENNER: And then there would be vegetation, as well. So the vegetation would  
exist between the back of curb and sidewalk, roughly, three to five feet, and then there  
would be the standard five-foot sidewalk. Generally, shoulder size anywhere between, if  
I'm not incorrect, 13 to 15 feet of shoulder.  
MS. NAIL: Okay.  
MR. ZENNER: Back from the eastern edge of the curb line would be left. So you're  
still going to have a green strip there, and it'll have trees within it when it's constructed.  
MS. NAIL: So are the trees that are there now going to be taken down?  
MR. ZENNER: I would imagine, as a part of the grading, as we do typically, and we  
don't have the grading plans at this point, but, typically, when rights-of-way are graded,  
the grading -- the entire right-of-way would be graded accordingly. Now I'm not sure how  
they're proposing to do this, because really if we're only looking at 56 feet of pavement  
area, it's possible we may be able to only grade -- 56, 66, 76 feet of area within that 110  
feet because we need utility easement space, as well, but that's an issue that we'll  
discuss at the time of grading. Typically, we do normally in our construction processes  
grade full rights-of-way, though, and that would mean that that line may be eliminated, but  
that's also a site-related issue that Mr. Crockett, hearing this concern, and us, we could  
coordinate with potentially our -- our engineering staff to find out if that's necessary.  
MS. GEUEA JONES: I'm sorry. We broadcast, so if you can talk into the  
microphone, even though we can hear you in the room.  
MS. NAIL: I'm sorry.  
MS. GEUEA JONES: Since we're broadcasting --  
MS. NAIL: Yes. Sorry about that.  
MS. GEUEA JONES: I know it's awkward because you're talking to people you're  
not looking at, but we do want all of our dedicated listeners to be able to hear you.  
MS. NAIL: Sorry about that. Yeah. I think it would be quite valuable. If it's possible  
to keep those trees, it would make it attractive to potential residents, especially since it  
sounds like there is emphasis in keeping green space, too. Do we have an idea as far as  
what kind of price -- price point these houses will be going for or is that even in the plan at  
this point.  
MR. SMITH: No. That's not something we typically address when we're laying out a  
MS. NAIL: Okay.  
MR. SMITH: So, I mean, you could talk with the developer afterwards, and he might  
be able to give you some -- some specific details on that.  
MS. NAIL: Okay. And then what about existing fencing?  
MR. SMITH: Unfortunately, if the fencing is located, and a lot of times the way it  
happens is it does kind of, you know, migrate over lot lines. And so when they go to  
begin the development, they will have a survey crew out there, so they'll know exactly  
where the property lines are. I might defer to Mr. Crockett on what those conversations  
are like. I don't think they'll come out and just start tearing out fences. There will  
probably be some conversations with those property owners to see if there's some way to  
mitigate the -- the impacts there.  
MS. NAIL: Okay.  
MR. SMITH: But that's something that would probably happen. I don't think they've  
gotten to the point where they've got full-blown construction design plans for the site yet.  
MS. NAIL: Okay.  
MR. SMITH: But that would happen a little bit later down the line. There will be a  
final plat and construction plans at that time once this -- this plan, if it gets approve.  
MS. NAIL: All right. Thank you.  
MR. SMITH: You're welcome.  
MS. GEUEA JONES: I would strongly suggest you get Mr. Crockett's information  
before you leave tonight.  
MS. NAIL: Yes. Thank you. Appreciate it.  
MS. GEUEA JONES: Any other public comments on this case? Seeing none.  
MS. GEUEA JONES: Any Commissioner comments? Seeing none. Commissioner  
MacMann, yes?  
MR. MACMANN: If none of my fellow Commissioners have any more questions or  
concerns, in the matter of Case 196-2022, approving the preliminary plat of Silver Lakes, I  
move to approve.  
MR. STANTON: Second.  
MS. GEUEA JONES: Moved by Commissioner MacMann, seconded by  
Commissioner Stanton. Commissioner Carroll, may we have a roll call.  
Roll Call Vote (Voting "yes" is to recommend approval.) Voting Yes: Ms.  
Mr. Stanton, Ms. Burns, Mr. MacMann, Ms. Carroll, Ms. Geuea Jones, Ms. Placier,  
Ms. Kimbell. Motion carries 8-0.  
MS. CARROLL: We have eight votes to approve. The motion carries.  
MS. GEUEA JONES: Such recommendation will be forwarded to City Council.  
In the matter of Case 196-2022, approving the preliminary plat of Silver Lakes,  
move to approve.  
8 - Burns, Stanton, MacMann, Carroll, Geuea Jones, Kimbell, Placier and Wilson  
1 - Loe  
MS. GEUEA JONES: Are there any general public comments for tonight's meeting?  
Seeing none.  
MS. GEUEA JONES: Staff, do you have comments for us?  
MR. ZENNER: When would a meeting be complete without them?  
MS. GEUEA JONES: I would be devastated.  
MR. ZENNER: I know, and so would our listening audience and viewing. September  
8th is your next scheduled meeting. It's hard to believe we are through the summer  
season and back to school already. We will have a number of cases on the September  
8th regular meeting. However, before we get there, we will be discussing in our next work  
session the all and ever important short-term rental regulations, and our progress up to  
this point on that, and we will be endeavoring to make headway. Following that just  
enlightening conversation that we will have, we will have an engaging regular meeting, a  
total of six items, three of which are standard subdivision requests, a combination of  
some preliminary plats and our center project there on 3501 Hinkson Creek and 4501  
Paris Road. That is a final plat of unplatted property, and that is why it is coming to you.  
It is a minor subdivision. This is the same parcel of property that was previously the  
subject of a rezoning and a platting request. At this point, the applicants are only  
seeking to plat the property, but have it retain its current agricultural zoning designation.  
The other two are generally standard subdivision requests. Mill Creek Estates is a -- is a  
two-lot preliminary plat off of Mills Drive, and then the 3301 Oakland Gravel Road  
preliminary plat is actually a -- an infill subdivision plat, and when we show you the aerial  
photography of these locations, you'll be able to identify that Oakland Gravel property.  
Under our public hearings and subdivisions, the title that we often use when we have got  
subdivision-related matters that also include public hearing requirements. 107 East  
Ridgley is a design adjustment for sidewalk waiver, and a final plat. That is currently an  
unplatted parcel within the development that's immediately across from the athletics  
facility for MU. And then the last two cases, 246 and 245, in that order, are joined  
projects. The first is the permanent zoning of a parcel that is currently zoned county A-1,  
proposed to be City R-1 north of the existing Bristol Ridge Subdivision. This is basically  
the second half of that development, and then a corresponding preliminary plat for that  
same area. This is a pretty typical process that we now are starting to see utilized where  
applicants are presenting permanent zoning along with the proposed platting --  
preliminary platting in order to help paint the picture of how that land would be ultimately  
utilized. Locationwise, your Mill Estates property there off of Mills Drive, this is a  
landlocked parcel of property to the rear of some other lots that are already existing with  
access to Mills Drive. You'll see the Hinkson Creek and Paris Road property. That  
shape should be familiar in that general location just to the east-northeast of the  
interchange of Paris Road and U.S. 63. And then our property off of Oakland Gravel Road  
as an infill tract of land that will actually have a loop street connecting back out to  
Oakland Gravel and connecting to the existing City street that runs north-south. And  
then our last three items under the public hearings and subdivisions, the Ridgley Road  
request that has the sidewalk design adjustment with it, and then the two projects for  
Bristol Ridge permanent zoning and the preliminary plat on it. Those are your six items  
for the upcoming agenda. And we appreciate your participation this evening with our  
sidewalk master plan, and we will be also preparing to have that one brought back for  
public hearing once our Bicycle and Pedestrian Commission has had an opportunity to  
give consideration to the commentary that the Commission offered this evening. With  
that, we are complete for tonight.  
MS. GEUEA JONES: Any comments from my fellow Commissioners?  
IX. NEXT MEETING DATE - September 8, 2022 @ 7 pm (tentative)  
MS. GEUEA JONES: Mr. Stanton?  
MR. STANTON: I move to adjourn.  
MR. MACMANN: Second.  
MS. GEUEA JONES: Moved by Commissioner Stanton, seconded by Commission  
MacMann. We are adjourned. Thank you all for your patience.  
(The meeting was adjourned at 7:45 p.m.)  
(Off the record.)  
Move to adjourn